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tv   Fox 5 News at Midday  FOX  September 9, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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we begin this midday with a developing story. local police knocking on neighbors' doors trying to find a killer. good day to you. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm tony perkins. welcome to fox 5 midday news. a woman was gunned down at an apartment along castle boulevard in silver spring. we turn to sara simmons for the latest. >> reporter: police are trying to track down whoever shot and killed a 37-year-old woman. police were called to the apartments after someone heard gunshots. when police arrived, they found
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a woman dead on the sidewalk leading to her apartment. it was about 12:30 wednesday morning. shots were fired outside this building on castle boulevard. >> i just heard shots. i was doing homework. i was on the computer. i told everybody to shut the blind and stuff because i just heard shots. i told mom that there were shots. i was kinda scared. >> reporter: someone called 911. when police arrived they found a woman lying on this elevated walkway between the parking lot and the building where she lived. she was shot at least once. >> in this neighborhood, it's very bad. >> reporter: billy says she heard shots in the neighborhood before. it didn't surprise her when she heard gunfire last night. >> i did, i heard three gunshots. then i just heard police everywhere. i was like oh, god. i wouldn't even come -- i don't even live in this building. i live in the builng right on the other side but i sleep here
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sometimes. i wouldn't even come out the building after that. >> reporter: investigators don't have much to go on but they believe someone in these apartment buildings may have seen something. >> it was a nice night out. it wasn't raining. there were still people coming in, returning from work or returning home. someone may have seen a vehicle leaving. someone may have seen a person or persons loitering in this area. >> reporter: police aren't telling us her name until they reach her family, which may require making phone calls overseas. police in the meantime are still looking for any information that could help lead them to her killer. in silver spring, sara simmons, fox 5 news. new this midday in the district, police have two suspects in custody after an alleged robbery at a cvs store. this happened at the store on the 3800 block of connecticut avenue northwest. police say two white men, suspects, grabbed several items off the shelves and ran out. they say one of the men had a
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police badge around his neck and appeared to be impersonating a police officer. in prince georges county now, police are investigating a deadly accident that happened around two this morning on white house road in largo. this suv that you see lost control, turned off the road into the roads. police say the driver was killed. four passengers were taken to the hospital. no word this morning on their conditions. president obama is preparing for what could be a defining speech of his presidency tonight. he'll address a joint session of congress as he tries to salvage his push for health care reform. doug luzadehas the story. >> reporter: this is going to be a divided crowd here on capitol hill tonight as the president makes what could be a last-ditch effort. the white house hopes the ceremony, the sheer weight of something that looks and feels like a state of the union address, will be enough to put health care reform back on the
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rails. >> so i think an additional forum, one of the size and magnitude of the joint address, i think he feels like he can speak more directly to a larger group of the american people. >> reporter: but much of what's happening is behind the scenes. meetings with democratic leaders at the white house to get on the same page. >> i think that we have been on schedule, we continue to be on schedule. >> reporter: but the truth is they are behind the schedule the white house was pushing and there's not agreement even among democrats about a government-run health care option. then there is the enormous cost. a bipartisan group of six senators is trying to hammer out a deal ahead of tonight's speech but it looks like a long shot. >> the rubber is starting to meet the road here. we're going to have to start fishing or cut bait pretty soon. >> reporter: that will be the president' message tonight, get something done now. much like a state of the union address, there will be a republican response delivered by louisiana congressman and surgeon charles bousani.
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>> we have been left out of a lot of the debate so far. >> reporter: that's where the president is really going to have to make a strategic decision. does he make concessions to try to draw in republicans or just dig in, rally the base and hope he can ram something through. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. and president obama gives his speech to congress and the nation tonight at 8:00. you can watch it live on our sister station, wdca 920. we will also be streaming it live on president obama is also speaking at a memorial service, paying tribute to tv news icon walter cronkite. here's a live look at the special service being held at lincoln center in new york city. former president bill clinton and astronaut buzz aldrin are also saying a few words there today. president clinton says he started admiring mr. cronkite's journalistic integrity way back when he was in high school. >> that in the words of his own autobiography, he had a deep
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aversion to group conformity. he w always looking for the story, not the story line. and there's a big difference. >> cronkite was the anchorman of the cbs evening news from 1962 to 1981. he died in july. walter cronkite was 92 years old. turning now to the fight against swine flu, new york was the first state to be hit hard with this and is now requiring health workers to get immunized. also under new federal guidelines, the prescription drug tamiflu and relenza should only be used to treat people who are sick and at high risk r complications, not people with mild symptoms. in the meantime the number of suspected cases has gone up at the university of maryland in college park. the school is right now reporting 172 students with suspected swine flu cases since classes began. new numbers are due out later today. students suspected of having
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the flu are getting flu kits. in the kits, thermometers, ibuprofen, surgical masks and other items as well. they're also being advised to stay finally made it up to 70 degrees now, but you can see sort of a gloomy day out there. >> yeah, it's gray, a little drizzly here and there and it looks like we've got more on tap. tucker barnes is standing by in the weather center with the latest on today's forecast. >> thank you very much, tony. yeah, we're looking at a gray and gloomy day as mentioned and more of the same this african as temperatures will be slow to budgerd llli aerng fere merhoo s.ur let's go right to the hd radar and sh oows.u ythe shower ths moi tme moment. we have some wet roadways certainly here in d.c. you can see it across the l an ld across southern portions ofdwno to ,ds own towards alexandria, we've got rain, out on route wa just dnao s metas lidponna somen re tmoerowe erthto tto he south of the city. see some continue to scattered showers here overehe several yohn u canebiic p, cau
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the satellite-radar and we continue to be under the influence of this area ceof low pressure but the flow is out of e thh soe the cloud cover y tas put. the showers, the light showers that ta, ar'ltheantl ey hincofoo ntcor inue here for de remainder of t ay. th is iatrntes really not going to break down a w m reo rn days so we're going to be stuck in the muck another day or two. temperatures, we're slowly starting to warm up. we're 70 at reagan national, humidity 78%. breezes out of the north at 8 miles per hour. the forecast will be slow to change. mostly cloudy with scattered showers possible. high temperature about 75 degrees. i'll be back in a couple of minutes and have the latest on hurricane fred. that's now a major hurricane. tony, back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. in other news, don't be alarmed if you see extra security on amtrak today. the tsa and amtrak will conduct random security checks during the evening rush hour. it will happen in 12 states from virginia up to maine and the district of columbia is included. amtrak says there's no threat, it's just an exercise to test
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counterterrorism and incident response capabilities. you can expect random screenings and bag checks. earlier on fox 5 morning news, amtrak told us this should not impact your commute. >> this is usual. no delays. we have a very nonintrusive security system. we're not like the airports in that regard. we want to safeguard the american public's right and ability to travel freely and openly. we think we've got a plan that lets them do that and takes care of their safety at the same time. >> now, most of the screening is done as you board the train, but more screening can take place once you poured it. an important alert for metro riders. expect ear ro urcl closures over the englong weekend. these stations are going to shut down over the columbus dayn waterfront, also the la font plaza and arives memorial, penn quarter, all the yellow and green lines.
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>> reporter: once again metro has picked a holiday to close several stations while they make repairs. this time on columbus day, la font plaza, archives navy memorial penn quarters station and the waterfront seu station will shut down. >> shutting down the station, that's a lot of people who are inconvenienced. >> reporter: metro is replacing four rail switches at la font plaza. that's an intersection of track where trains switch from one track to the other. they also will do bridge inspections and safety inspections. >> we're coming to the end of 2009. there are no -- three-day weekends left. we can not put it off until thanksgiving and christmas because people are traveling and doing shopping. >> reporter: labor day weekend metro shut down stations at national airport and pentagon city. they worked on six different projects and provided free shuttles for theirassengers. >> you have to space it out. you can't pick every holiday weekend to fix tracks.
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>> i feel like they close the metro so early during the weekdays from 12 to 5, i mean i don't see how you can't stretch the work out during those hours. >> if we were to do this work in the small window that we have during the week between midnight and 5:00 a.m., it would take months for us to get it done. by the time our trains get off the line during thweek it's almost 1 a.m. by the time we would mobilize, it would be another hour and by the time we get started, we have to clear out for 5 a.m. >> reporter: so once again metro will work and offer free shuttles to customers. they say it comes down to safety over inconvenience and there is no other option. >> we need these rail switches replaced. many of these rail switches that are -- that we are replacing is original track that goes back to the late 1970s and early 1980s. it's reaching its life expectancy and we have to get in there and get the work done. it's as simple as that.
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>> reporter: wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> the work begins october 9th at 9:30 p.m. and runs until tuesday, october 13th at 5 a.m. people should add 45 minutes to an evening trip. this is a creepy story. watch out for rabid bats. >> yuck. >> an important alert from the health department. and which parts of the d.c. region are affected. all coming up next on fox 5 midday news. then, this well-known image shot by celebrity photographer annie leibovitz. the question this morning, who owns the rights to it? the deadline has come and gone for her to pay back a massive loan. we'll tell you about that and more when we sit down with a very special guest. wsdge janine pir ne x 5 midday news is just getting started. 
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making news around the world, a dramatic rescue in
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afghanistan. "new york times" reporter seen on the left and his translator were abducted four days ago while reporting on controversial air strikes. those strikes killed 90 people, including many civilians. his interpreter and a british commando were killed in a gun battle during the raid. officials say they have serious concerns iran is deliberately trying to preserve a nuclear weapons option. an envoy says tehran is very near or already in possession of sufficient low enriched uranium. iran insists its program is peaceful and aimed at generating electricity, but the united states and important allies contend it is covertly trying to build a bomb. back here at home, the supreme court is holding a rare september session and justice sonia sotomayor will hear her first case on the high court today. it involves campaign finance laws for next year's congressional elections. among the evidence expected to be presented, a film about secretary of state hillary
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clinton's presidential bid. and it looks like justice sotomayor likes to sing karaoke on her time off. that is her in blue with family and friends at the irish channel pub in d.c.'s chinatown on monday. the group sang "we are family." why not have some fun. prince georges county residents are being urged to watch out for rabid bats. >> yes, indeed. there's been a surge in the number of bats that are rabid found in the county. already one person has been bitten. that person is expected to be okay. ten bats with rabies have been found this year. nine in august alone. >> we have found that if a bat is flying in the daytime, if a bat is inside your home flying in your room or if a bat is laying on the ground, then that bat is probably sick. if that bat is sick, most likely that's a rabid bat that has rabies. >> residents are being advised to batproof their home by
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closing any openings larger than a quarter of an inch. if you see a bat, stay away from it and call animal control. and making national headlines, one student reports missing $100 at school so a staff member inspects five girls, forcing them to submit to a strip search. this played out in iowa. strip searches are generally illegal there but they say it's allow under board of education rules. the staff member who ordered the search is on administrative leave. u.s. marshals plan to put bernie madoff's manhattan penthouse on the market. madoff is behind bars for 150 years for swindling billions from investors. u.s. marshals also showed off his vacation home in florida and one of his yachts. one of them. prices for the home won't be set until brokers are selected later this week. the sell-off could help reimburse madoff's victims. this past month the judge jeanine pirro show debuted here
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on fox 5. >> and judge pirro joins us to talk about her wig show and some of the other stories making headlines. judge, good morning. >> good morning. >> you've done everything legally and on network television and always on the right side of the law. now you have your own show. how is it so far? >> it's great. it gives me the opportunity to continue to dispense with justice and to try to be compassionate for some of the people who come before me and also to educate the public and peel back the layers of the onion and identify what some of the real issues are. when people come to court, there's this underlying lawsuit but then again there's usually an emotional component. so if we can attack the emotional, resolve the legal, then all is well at the end. >> and helped this viewers in the process. >> sure. one of the reasons viewers watch court tv, they want to learn something. on my show they can learn something. we have something called pirro's principles at the end where i give my opinion about the law or in chambers where i take people back and the public can see and viewers can see what happens in courtroom
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chambers. all in all it's an educational experience with comic relief as well. >> which is important on these shows. >> if you were sitting where i was sitting, you'd laugh too once in a while. >> hey, i watch some of these shows. let me ask you this. are you surprised, so far you've taped i don't know how many shows you've taped so far but are you surprised on some of the cases that come in? >> i like to think after 30 years in law enforcement, a prosecutor, a judge, a district attorney, i've seen it all. every day there's something that surprises me and really shocks me. today on fox, one of the cases you're going to see involves two sorority sisters who ended up using meth in school before they taught our kids. there's a shocker. i don't care how seasoned you are in law enforcement. but i give my sense and my resolution of the law, but also try to give them some sense of the damage that they have done. sometimes at the end i'll reach out to law enforcement, child protective services, the fire marshal, whomever it might be. you know, to let them know there is more follow-up. this case does not end here. >> may i just say that just
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because you're a judge doesn't mean you're not glamorous and beautiful. i'm just going to say that, that's all. >> you can't really say that. i'll say. >> it well, no, tony, it's okay. >> i'm curious. i want to get to some of your opinions but i'm curious because you're very hard- working. how do you find the time to tan like you do? >> well, i have this great garden and it's been a great summer. but at the end of the day, i believe that what you've got to do is you've got to eat right and you can't smoke and do all those other things. i exercise and try to take care of myself. but a lot of it is genetics, it's as simple as that. >> we want to say that the show you're talking about airs today at 1: and it's called high school teachers. let's just show a little. this is you in a different light. here's a little of the show. >> next, judge pirro. >> were you high when you were teaching? >> we both were. >> how do you teach when you're high? >> high school teachers?
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>> she'd snort lines in my classroom. >> it's an absolutely. >> she's just arrested on camp us in front of my students. that is outrageous. >> next judge pirro. >> listen, we want to ask you a question at least about one case that we've been reporting about today, this annie leibovitz case, a famous photographer. apparently took out a massive loan and if she did not pay the loan back, she has to hand overall the rights to her -- all the copyrights to all the photos she's ever taken. >> and will ever take. >> the deadline passed last night. the news just passed that although the deadline passed they're still working this out. this seems like a crazy case. why would she agree to something like that? >> well, you have to think annie leibovitz -- you have to think she had to be in incredibly dire financial straits to not only lock down three new york properties, manhattan properties and one sprawling upstate mansion with all the land that went with it but to allow someone to take
11:22 am
all of her photos now and in the future. you know what, just sell a house. don't lock yourself into debt so that you can't pay it off. at the end of the day, she's got nothing. she's basically allowed herself to be enslaved for the rest of her life. believe me, these creditors are going to take advantage of it. i don't know who r lawyer was, i don't know what the woman was thinking, but sell properties, do not lock yourself into debt. sometimes the reality is, you know what, you're going to be broke, you're going to be broke. better broke than locked into some creditor forhe rest of your life. >> unbelievable. >> it is. i wonder what it was. they said service providers? >> it's very murky. the information is very murky. >> right. you've got to peel back those layers. there's more to it. >> all right. judge jeanine pirro,s new show debuted monday but it's every day monday through friday at 1 p.m. thank you for spending the day with us. >> my pleasure. any time. good to see you. coming up, plenty still ahead on fox 5 midday. annapolis is one of the
11:23 am
premiere maritime towns in the nation. holly morris takes us there to learn about sail boats and how those massive sails are made. then an r & b singer joins us live in studio. there's a new cd and a big performance at drew's alley. you'll hear her perform a song from her brand new cd. we'll be right back. 
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we want to show you something, one of the coolest things ever. i love all of this. the iconic hubble space telescope back in action. we are showing a live look from nasa tv, the space agency just released new images from the new and improved telescope, some of them already posted on ' atths ths ate of th. ton lookoolike a butterfly but it is far from serene. what resembles butterfly wings are boiling cauldrons of gas heated to more than 36,000 degrees fahrenheit.
11:27 am
>> not delicate. >> can you believe that? >> beautiful, though. astronauts aboard shuttle atlantis replaced several instruments in may. it appears the gamble has paid off. nasa says the repairs and improvements expanded hubble's power to give it up to 10 more years of life. >> hubble is supposed to be dead by now. it kept working, kept working. now they sent new instruments up and it's continuing to bring back some impressive image. >> what always strikes me about those images is they look like they could be underwater as well, like in the deep sea. like big jellyfish. it's very interesting what we don't know. >> i'm sure on our evening newscast we'll have more. stay with us, 11:27. tucker barnes will be along to tell us what's happening with the weather. something to think about today. it's 9-9-09. numerologies associating the number 9 with forgiveness, passion and success n china
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it's associated with long life. fox 5 midday news will be right back. 
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we're back with new numbers showing just how divided the health care debate is. a gallup poll asked americans if they'd advise their member of congress to vote for or against the legislation. 37% said for it, 39% said against it. the rest said they had no opinion either way. well, president obama says he wants to clear up any confusion. if you haven't heard about it, you'll hear about it later today on his health care overhaul proposal when he delivers an address to a joint session of congress and the nation tonight. that starts at 8:00. you can watch it on my 20 or go to our website, we'll stream it live on
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tucker barnes is here to tell us what's going on with the weather. a few rain showers out there. >> yes, raining across the area here in d.c. getting some showers and cloud-cooled temperatures will stick around another day or two. eventually the sunshine will once again come across washington. >> i did a little fact when tony said rain and i was hoping he didn't overcast. do this for rain, do this for cold. >> how about this for overcast. >> that's kind of vague. >> you work on it. i'm going to do weather. you work on it while i'm gone. we're going to with ihdthhd radar. e' erlwk l activity and again it'sviwidely scattered. it's not all over the sl of us have seen some showers during the overnight hours. here we are in washington and i zoomed in just a little bit. down towards alexandria we're seeing a shower down there and just south of annapolipushing
11:33 am
down towards southern anne arundel county. don't be surprised if you don't see a scattered shower in your neighborhood later today although many of us will encounter cloud cover and cool temperatures. currently 70 degrees. that is it at reagan national. 73 at dulles. 72 at this hour up in frederick and 71 in baltimore. you can the idea. another cool and cloudy day. we'll see afternoon high temperatures only in the middle 70s. you see a peek of sunshine, maybe upper 70s in a few spots but mid-70s will do it here in washington. watch the satellite-radar, watch the shower activity. now how it's pushing in from the north. the cloud cover and the showers are getting reinforced here. our area of low pressure we've been watching the last couple of days has emerged off the del marva peninsula and the problem is high pressure across new england blocking it from getting out of here so it's going to very, very slowly drift off to the north and east over the next couple of days. e thinking in the weather world is by about friday into
11:34 am
saturday we'll finally get it far enough to the east that we'll put sunshine back in the forecast. i want to show you hurricane fred real quick. maximum winds 120 miles an hour. that makes it a category 3 hurricane. it is now a major hurricane. hurricane fred. second major hurricane of the season. the good news with that one is it's expected to stay well out to sea and not impact land areas. here's our forecast, mostly cloudy, scattered showers remain in the forecast. a very unseasonal 75 degrees ith winds out of the north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. your five-day forecast, notice the cloud cover and the showers stick around tomorrow. once again on friday, although hopefully by friday most of the showers will be out of here. saturday and sunday we'll introduce something you haven't seen in several days, sunshine and warmer temperatures. back into the low 80s. >> so here's my face.
11:35 am
it's got to be a face for overcast. >> that looks glum. >> i got it. >> all right, good. allison seymour sign language. >> thank you. plenty still ahead here on fox 5. >> today holly is giving us an inside look at the sailing industry from annapolis. >> reporter: hey, guys. it takes a 50-foot table and one big pair of scissors. can you figure out what i'm doing this morning? we are learning about the art of sail making as we are at sail makers. we're inside the workshop next on fox 5 midday news. 
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this fiber? i'd had my fill.  then i found miralax. announcer: miralax is the only brand clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. you'll see. it's clearly different. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. annapolis is one of the premiere maritime towns in the nation. >> wonderful city there. we sent our holly morris out to maryland's capital city to
11:39 am
learn how to make sails. she got an insider's look from scott allen sailmakers. >> reporter: you guys might be thinking that sailing season as we head on into the fall and winter might be winding down. that's true. but if you're a sailmaker, you're starting to head into your busiest season. that's w we're here in annapolis hanging out with scott allen, the owner, manager and president and david gross, the production manager. come on over here, you two. don't be afraid. i don't bite on wednesdays. no, just kidding. but you were telling me that not only in addition to making a lot of new sails, but a lot of people get their sails repair, so you're really going to be busy the next few months. >> right. starting this week a lot of people started bringing their sails in. they winterize their boats until springtime. bring their sails in for servicing. it's important to do that because the stitching in the sail comes apart, things come off the sail and you don't want to have a sail going apart when you go saing in the spring
11:40 am
and summer. >> reporter: i don't want to be on a friend's boat with a sail coming apart. so we're going through the process here. this is kind of actually the end process. the detail work. >> this is the last pa of the process. bill is putting a ring in here. this stainless steel ring with these webs that are sewn in. he's going to be hand stitching these webs together to give them more strength so they all pull equally on the same portions. >> reporter: so we have been talking about this all morning long. and you know from start to finish when you have those first designs and then go to the cutting table and the sewing and everything, how long does it really take to make a sail? >> it takes, if you have nothing but one sail to build in here, you could build a sail in a couple of days. typically when someone orders a sail, it's between two and four weeks by the time it goes through the backg. once it's cut, it's going through the process of production for about a week. >> reporter: one of the things
11:41 am
that makes you all unique is you actually do sails from start to finish. there's not a lot of places that do that. >> we can do it start to finish with the computerized cutting and design and production with our materials in-house start to finish. >> reporter: with that we want to hoist this sail up and we're going to take a walk around. this is what you do in the end to look at your work. we're going to step on this side, right? gotcha, gotcha. >> the sail has just within completed and is going out the door, shipped out the door today so we're doing our final walk around inspection for quality control. either dave or i will inspect every sail that goes out the door. it's another set of eyes in checking our sails for quality. so we look at the corners to make sure the edges are sewn right, the seams are sewn right, basic things like the label being on the sail. the fitting, we look at hand work. we look at the order form to make sure he got the number you say saw being put on earlier.
11:42 am
these little green things up here are called telltales and they tell the wind flow on the sail so we put those on. they're made of wool and just stick on. it's green on the starboard side and red on the port side. >> reporter: i only have a few seconds left and i want to get a couple of points in. first of all, what's the average sail cost or what's your price range for sails? >> a sail like this is about 15 to $1,800. a sail like that is six or $7,000. the kevlar spectra sail over here. >> reporter: and how much have you seen the sailmaking indtry change in 35 years? >> it's almost a complete change, especially in materials and design technology. these materials were not here 20 years ago. >> reporter: david, for you as a young person getting into this business what, drew you to it? >> you know, i started sailing, i worked at a summer camp and started sailing and i wanted to get into racing. i came down and asked for a job. i just wanted to learn more and more and more.
11:43 am
>> reporter: and here you are. >> here i am. >> reporter: no better place to do that than annapolis. the maritime industry is the second biggest employer to the naval academy. >> yes. it's actually the largest employer in the area. there's probably two to 300 maritime businesses in annapolis. a lot of people bring their boats in for sails or electronics or engines or anything here in town. >> reporter: people come from all over the world to come here to get everything done for their boat. we're right here. it's a little gym ju for us. we always knew that about annapolis. is o we have a link to their website if you want to find out more. we have a special musical guest -- i love annapolis. we have a special musical guest in the house today. >> up next on fox 5 midday news, marilyn ashford brown joins us live to talk about her brand new album and to perform.
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one of our favorite guests on midday is wth us today, dr. amen is here. she is cooking with love. it's nice to see you. >> always good to see you, tony. >> have you had a nice summer? >> fantastic. >> what are you doing for us today? >> well, because i love summertime, i figured we would incorporate some of the fruits of the summer. >> yes. >> one of the best ways that we get vitamins and minerals from the fruits on vegetables is not to cook them. >> so raw. >> i like to call it live. raw sounds like something went wrong, we didn't finish it. but i like to call it live. >> okay. >> so instead, i have a live pie. >> a live pie. >> yes. >> that sounds scary. >> no, no, no. not so bad, not so bad. now, what we're going to do is the crust itself, i've given you the recipes online. >> >> and the crust itself is going to be made from dates which are very sweet and
11:48 am
wonderful binding. then i've soaked these almonds for about 12 hours overnight. that remains the enzyme inhibitors and also makes it nice and plump and juicy. once you grind those together in a food processor, press them into a pan, whatever shape you want. you're going to get something like this. it may not look as fancy. and then you put it in the oven on just the proof setting. >> i don't have a proof setting. >> or just warm. >> okay. >> so just for about two hours so that it doesn't overcook it. you put your fruit. after that you cool it. >> what's that? >> kiwi. golden kiwi. >> usuallit's green. >> i know but i like to bring in something new. so we have golden kiwi. we have some strawberries. then i made a binder for you. >> now, i'm not sure i need aid
11:49 am
binder. >> everyone needs a binder. even children going back to school need bnders. >> it's binding this, right? >> it's going to be -- it's going to be the thing that holds the pie together. at least until it gets on the plate. so in this binder, what i have is just fresh blueberries, black berries, strawberries a then dried cherries. so the secret to a binder is a cup of wet fruit and a cup of dried fruit. whatever your favorite dried or wet fruits are. >> is this giving it the color? i thought it was tomato sauce. >> no, it's not. but this is going to be your spoon so you can taste this. >> mmm! >> like a jam. >> it is like a jam. it's like an apple butter. >> it is. and it's a little tart because of the cherries. but look at the vitamin c we're getting. so now we're going to layer some fruit. mine is a tart size so the binder is just these elements
11:50 am
together. you have pomegranate syrup. >> very healthy stuff. >> yes. and the slightest bit of coconut rum. >> we have about 30 conds left. you like the rum. >> i'm a jamaican, i can't help it. so we're going to take this and bind it together. and our binder is going to hold the pie together. >> i would come up with a different name. binder just doesn't sound -- >> you don't like that? that's okay. that's the technical term. and then after this, we can put more fruit. here i have some nice mangos. >> all right. we've got to go. they're running out of time. there's your -- i don't know if that's the finished product. >> but tony, i love the way you did that. >> thank you. >> and it's a great breakfast pie. it's fabulous for children in the morning. and they can have breakfast in the morning. >> if you want more information about this and about dr. amen go to and we'll give you the recipe. you've got to go to our website and visit. thank you very much,. >> i can't wait for you to try
11:51 am
this. >> i'm going to try it right now. >> thanks, dr. amen. marilyn ashford brown, the songstress, is performing tonight at blues alley in advance of the release of her second cd. marilyn ashford brown joins us now. the cd cover "just doing me." how are you? >> i'm so excited and so blessed. >> i am just excited about your performance tonight at blues alley. two shows, 8:00 p.m. and 10 p.m. you're a veteran vocalist. i guess your genre would be r & b but tell us about your style and the new cd. >> so many people tell us that -- i grew up listening to motown but i live phyllis hyman and i also love stephanie mills. >> motly on the new cd, mostly original songs but there are a couple of covers. >> i wrote everything myself
11:52 am
except one song. >> now, when you get this, is it going to put you in the mind of a phyllis hyman who is gone too soon by the way? >> i know, i know. i don't know, witness cd i was in a different place. if i was inspired, if i was riding in my car and had a melody, i would take my tape player out and record the melody. and i'm just easily inspired. i'll write about issues. if someone is having a conversation with me, i'll just say that's a song. >> you've got a very favorable review from the "washington post." they said, yes, you do have an old school feel but you are definite rea contemporary artist. i love that because so many times you turn on the radio and it's old school or what's going on now but there is an avenue for just good music. >> isn't that wonderful. god is so good. >> that is exactly what you do and i'm hoping that you get all that radio air time that you do deserve. you have a lot of exciting
11:53 am
things coming up. on saturday, this is a very special event. this is a church that was built by former enslaved africans and this is happening out in percival, virginia. now they're trying to do a renovation of the church. tell us about that. >> well, i've been raising money over the years -- they have been raising money but they don't have enough to do the renovation and i was asked if i would come down and do a benefit performance. i was so honored and just wanted to be a part of it so i'm really excited about doing it. it was built in 1885. >> and it' all about keeping the family strong. and to that on sunday you'll be at dr. dorothy heights annual event on the family reunion. >> everything is happening so fast. >> and that's at 1:30, right? >> yes. >> and all of these events can be found on your website. we're going to link that. it's but is where you're going to find it. and you're going to perform for
11:54 am
us today. >> i want to send a special invitation to the first lady and the president. i know it's date night. >> what better place to go than blues alley. >> don't be surprised. especially after this performance. >> thank you so much. >> stay with us, marilyn ashfor brwil perform when we come back. explain. oh yea, well for 6 months, customers get all three: fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month. oh, all right, see... you're just moving your fingers aren't you? i've gotta cut my nails. (announcer) now get three amazing fios services
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11:57 am
marilyn's cd is available on borders. she's going to sing for us now "i've got a feeling." marilyn ashford brown.
11:58 am
♪everybody's running scared ♪ crashing on the downfall ♪ crooks are everywhere ♪ ♪[ music ] ♪i, i, i, i've got a feeling everything is going to be all right, going to be all right ♪
11:59 am
♪ trouble is in the air, children dying, bullets flying, does anybody care ♪ ♪ ♪i, i, i, i've got a feeling everything is going to be all right, it's going to take a while ♪ ♪ but i, i, i, i've got a feeling everything is going to be all right, going to be all right ♪ ♪ it's gonna be


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